Help eliminate sexual harassment in our schools

It's essential that teachers feel confident managing the challenges of peer on peer abuse in schools.

At Life Lessons, we are creating a library of videos resources featuring actual teachers and DSLs sharing their tips and lessons learned on all aspects of pupil safeguarding. 

To share your story and be a part of this professional peer-based support resource, simply apply using the form below - Be part of the change that is needed.

Image by Devin Avery

Who should apply?

Primary or secondary teacher? DSL?

Happy to share your best practice and lessons learned on camera? We want to hear from you!

What you get out of it:

- Be part of the change needed in UK schools

- Share your experience to support your fellow teachers and DSLs

- Be part of the Life Lessons professional community

- Receive 20% off all Life Lessons products for your school

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