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‘Everyone’s Invited’ bought sexual harassment in schools to the attention of the public and media. It led to Ofsted’s report into Sexual Abuse In Schools and Colleges that concluded abuse is ‘widespread’ and needs to be addressed.


Whilst this work is not solely the responsibility of schools, schools have a huge opportunity to address this and change the current culture.

Life Lessons will partner with your school to support you every step of the way. 

RSHE Video Library and Courses

Essential videos and courses for your RSHE/PSHE classes.  


Pupils develop the skills they need to conduct healthy relationships, be safe and successful today and through their lives.

What is the Life Lesson video library and courses?

100+ professionally produced videos of real, diverse young people sharing their experiences and opinions on what it’s like as a young person, living in the UK today. 


25 courses covering Mental Wellbeing, Consent, Healthy Relationships, Pornography. Flexible to suit your teaching time and classroom set-up. Courses include:

  • Access to the Life Lesson platform

  • All fully in line with the statutory RSE curriculum requirements

  • Relatable to pupils 

  • Fully inclusive 

  • Teachers easily facilitate discussion around difficult topics as the videos depersonalise, ‘distance’, the topics for pupils and staff.

  • An evidence based approach



Talking can solve a community's problems. Use LifeTalk to normalise and surface the conversations that are most needed.

In doing so we agree upon what is and isn’t ok behaviour between pupils and instill peer-based accountability

What is LifeTalk

The flexible classroom discussion system for your whole school.

Use LifeTalk in form time, or any class. It provides all you need to facilitate group discussions between pupils in a controlled and fun way. 


Questions are designed to develop empathy and respect between pupils, topics covered include Mental Health, Consent, Friendships and use of Digital media. 


  • Your teachers get access to LifeTalk- in class question system

  • Discussion topics grouped by year group
    (year 7-8, year 9, year 10-11, year 12-13)

  • Teacher training resources included for managing positive discussions 

  • Ground rules for pupils included

  • Model video discussions included


Peer on peer abuse training and staff CPD

Our growing CPD offering ensures your governors, teachers, SLT will understand the risks and will be able support the pupils in their care.

It’s essential that all staff understand peer on peer abuse however we recognise that getting everyone in the room together can be a challenge, so we have developed an online course for your staff and governors to work through, giving them the understanding they need. 


  • Evidence completion of the course by your staff 

  • Video and activity based

  • Your staff will be able to:

    • Understand the definitions of sexual harassment and sexual violence, including online sexual abuse

    • Identify early signs of peer-on-peer sexual abuse

    • Explore reasons why peer to peer abuse exists

    • Know how to consistently uphold standards in their responses to sexual harassment and online sexual abuse

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