'How to make your PSHE lessons LGBT+ inclusive'

Webinar recording, June 24th 2021


Brian Reeve-Hayes, Head of PSHE, Kings Lynn Academy

Dr Lloyd Houstan

This event video shares practical and tangible top tips to use in your classroom to ensure their PSHE lessons are LGBT+ inclusive.


  1. Welcome! Introduction from Life Lessons

  2. Teacher Spotlight: Head of PSHE, Brian Reeve-Hayes shares his best practice on ways to make his RSE lessons LGBT+ inclusive

  3. Research Spotlight: Dr Lloyd Houstan, a non-binary trans academic and activist will explore strategies to help make classrooms more trans and non-binary inclusive spaces

  4. Life Lessons spotlight: Jamie O'Connell, how Life Lessons can help your school be LGBT+ inclusive

  5. Q + A with our panel: join Brian, Lloyd and Kenya Sterling Life Lessons content creator and LGBT+ campaigner.