Our vision

'We aspire to a world where young people have the skills to develop healthy relationships and can talk about what matters most'

Image by Jeswin Thomas

Our Story

Life Lessons founders Nicole and Jamie met in 2019 when both were accepted onto the UCL backed Edtech accelerator Educate. Both had different start up ideas that they were exploring but it became clear, when they chatted over a sandwich at lunch, that there was a great deal of common ground. Both share a passion for removing inequalities from education, whether as a consequence of economic background, gender or location.

When the UK government announced changes to the statutory requirements for teaching Relationships and Sex education in schools Nicole and Jamie recognised the challenge for schools.  As with many of the best ideas, Life Lessons was first imagined in a pub. Nicole applied her experience as a PSHE teacher and education leader; Jamie was an advocate of relatable peer based support from his time at The Student Room and Unibuddy.

They set out to create video resources that would be relatable to young people in the classroom, fully inclusive and that would actively challenge systemic issues such as gender stereotyping and the hetronormative teaching of the subject. To produce a scalable solution so all schools could benefit and teachers would feel empowered to deliver a challenging subject.  

Meet The Team

Our approach

We believe that healthy relationships are needed in life to be happy and successful. Whether it's in school, our personal lives or our career success, we rely on nurturing different relationships with different people on the way.